How to Join

Investiture into our Order is a great honor and brings with it great responsibility. The history of our Order for almost a thousand years is filled with examples of heroic service to our Lord and the spirit of service in fulfilling the mission of the Order today is no less important. Indeed, circumstances around the world call for a renewed dedication to our Mission.

God is calling a new generation of Knights Templar today.  Being a Knight Templar means living a life of purpose and meaning and by taking a stand for what is right in our families, community and nation.   It means being part of an ancient holy order that has been around for 895 years. Being a Knight Templar is not a remnant of the past, it is a way of life.

It will not be easy, but the transformation into a Knight Templar will change your life.  The US Priory of the Knights Templar is looking for upstanding Christians who want to become exceptional.  The reward of Knighthood in this ancient and storied Order awaits you.  Do you dare to try? The monetary costs are minimal, but Knights and Dames are called to great commitment to a purpose bigger than themselves.  It is only for those of true faith who are serious about the vows of Knighthood.

When an initiate takes on the white robes of the Order, it is an outward sign of the heart. The Knight is philosophically leaving the worldly things behind and becoming a new and better being because the seed of that is nestled in their heart.  In 1146, Pope Eugenius III granted the Templars the privilege of wearing the Red Cross or Cross Patteé on their mantles as a symbol of their willingness to shed their blood in sacrifice for God. It remains a symbol of our willingness to make sacrifices in our own lives in our service to Jesus Christ.

We note that there are a number of organizations that claim to be Templars, but which have absolutely no lineage as true organizational or spiritual descendants of the Order.  These “Templar” organizations often charge hefty fees for joining and some do not accept persons of average means, preferring to focus their efforts on recruiting the wealthy and influential.  We decry such practices. When the Knights Templar were founded in 1118 A.D. by Hugh de Payens and eight other knights, they were known as the “Poor Knights of Christ.”  The Order did not allow individual knights to own anything except their mantles and weapons. So strict was the rule concerning “monastic poverty” that if a Knight Templar died and a single penny was found on his body, he was refused a Christian burial.  Today, however, there are “Templar” organizations that will not accept members unless they are very well to do! We believe that setting membership rules that allow only the wealthy to become members is the antithesis of what our Lord taught.  Some of these so-called Templar organizations would refuse membership to any of the Apostles, as they were not men of wealth, and would turn away a poor carpenter: Jesus Christ himself!

We are upfront that the initial suggested donation is $65 (this covers the items received by the initiate: Neck Cross, Certificate, & postage).  Every year after that, our suggested annual donation is only $25 (The annual suggested donation goes to the upkeep and expenses of the Order).  Regalia can be purchased later directly from the manufacturer by accepted Knights (about $150 total).  We believe in transparency so our financial books are open to all of our members.  This is how you can be sure the Order exists to serve God and our mission and is not out for financial gain.

For more information on how to join us, simply fill out the form below or email: Some of the conditions required to be admitted to the Order are:

– Having turned 18 years-old (applicants less than 18 may join as “Squires”)

– A Professing Christian

– Having integrity, virtues and the preparation of a true Knight or Dame.

– Not having a felony criminal conviction.

– Having at least a general education satisfactory to understand the spirit of the meetings and the work carried out there.

– Understanding the laws of the Order and having stated their commitment to respect them.

Member Testimonials 

Being a Knight Templar is of great importance to me as I hold the values and honor of the old ways.  I’m filled with a deep commitment that still calls modern man to take such vows to become a Knight in principle.  The vows I have made call me to be a messenger of God to do what is in the best interest of family, community and the Order.  Chivalry is the glorious expression of  life-affirming principles.” – Brother Neil 

To join, fill out the form below.    Please remember that fully vetting our members and building rapport takes time and we are comprised of volunteers with jobs and families. The process can take as long as two months to complete.

For example, a friend, coworker, church member or pastor.