Adjutant Corps


And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men
Colossians 3:23


The formation of the OSMTJ-USA| Adjutant Corps has a historical counterpart. During the rise of the Knight Templar Army, the elements supporting the Knights Templar grew increasingly throughout Europe and the Holy Land.

At its peak, it is commonly regarded that the Knights Templar Army numbered around 20,000; of which only ten percent (2000) were Knights. The remaining active-duty members were comprised of Sergeants, Companion-at-Arms and Journeymen from all walks of life.

Today’s Adjutant Corps is an Auxiliary comprised of Godly men and women who wish to support the OSMTJ|KTOA without the exacting responsibilities and requirements associated with full membership in our Ordre… it is a rigorous path to Knighthood. The Executive Board of the OSMTJ-USA, on 16 November, 2019 @OSMTJ-USA HQ, voted to raise an Adjutant Corps. Shortly thereafter, the Adjutant Corps Formation Committee was formed; made up of Knights, Sergeants, both male & female from diverse geographic areas to advise the Ordre on the structure and implementation of the newly created body.

Are You Being Called to Serve?

God is calling a new generation of individuals to support the Knights Templar today. Our Adjutant Corps serves through their dedication to the many projects of the Ordre.

Some of the conditions required to be admitted to the Adjutant Corps are:

† The minimum age requirement for affiliation with the OSMTJ-USA Adjutant Corps shall be 18 years.

† Affiliation shall be open to all who believe in the key tenets of Christianity as well as Full OSMTJ-USA members who have failed to complete the Companion At Arms (CAA) requirements, yet wish to remain affiliated with the Ordre. Former members’ renewal dues may be adjusted accordingly.

† Similarly, if an individual is unsure whether the rigorous commitment of the CAA/SAA is for them, yet wish to support the OSMTJ-USA | KTOA, they may choose to join the Adjutant Corps for $10.00. Within the following year, if they decide to upgrade their status from Adjutant to full membership, they will pay only the additional $55.00. † The OSMTJ-USA Adjutant Corps may be used for Christian outreach; occasionally this provides an opportunity to bring someone to Christ, through shared service into disenfranchised communities. Therefore, those who are not Christian prior to joining the Adjutant Corps must be sponsored by an active Adjutant or Full Member of the OSMTJ-USA.


Affiliation with the OSMTJ Adjutant Corps costs $10.00 annually; paid before June. This annual donation goes to support our OSMTJ-USA| Headquarters at Christ Castle Church in North Canaan, CT. For more information on how to join us, simply fill out the form below or email:

Rights & Privileges:

Affiliation within the Adjutant Corps of the OSMTJ-USA | KTOA is recognized as an Auxiliary in that individuals:

† May be heavily involved in Service Projects: Soup Kitchens, Veterans Services and other forms of Christian Mission undertaken at the Priory/Commandery level

† Will be granted access to OSMTJ-USA “Open” site(s) as well as related “Open” individual Priory/Commandery site(s). Adjutants shall not be admitted into Ordre “Restricted” site(s).

† Shall be invited to join the OSMTJ-USA Adjutant Corps online page(s) to be monitored by OSMTJ-USA Liaison(s). † May be invited to attend Annual Conclave, Periodic Investiture ceremonies, both nationally and internationally.

Requirements & Limitations:

† Affiliation within the Adjutant Corps of the OSMTJ-USA is considered a privilege, not a right. Adjutants should conduct themselves appropriately, striving to behave as Christians of good character. They should always seek to serve, not to be served.

† They should be generally conversant in the basic history and functions of the Knights Templar. As such, Adjutants are expected to read the published History of the Knights Templar OSMTJ.

† Adjutants are not able to vote on OSMTJ-USA | KTOA matters.

† Adjutant applicants may not have a felony criminal conviction.

The initial suggested donation is $10/year by sending a PayPal to:

To join the Adjutant Corps,  fill out the form below

Please remember that fully vetting our members and building rapport takes time and we are comprised of volunteers with jobs and families. Have questions before applying? Email:

For example, a friend, coworker, church member or pastor.