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9/11/2014 4:14:55 PM

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Gun Mag Warehouse offers largest selection of magazines plus police/military expertise

Wed, 17 Sep 2014 21:27:59 GMT

The following is paid content by Gun Mag Warehouse.

By Loraine Burger PoliceOne Columnist

Gun Mag Warehouse is the only company and ecommerce resource that specializes in gun magazines — offering more than 300 magazines for a wide variety of firearms.

Gun Mag Warehouse’s most popular product, the Magpul PMAG, is the leading magazine and considered the industry standard for the AR-15, M4 and AR-10 platforms. Founder Michael Lambka opened Gun Mag Warehouse in 2012 to meet the specific and unmet need for law enforcement, the military, and firearm enthusiasts unable to find a one-stop-shop.

Army Special Forces veteran Peter Jackson joined the company as the Director of Business Development, Military and Government Sales and Customer Service, to contribute expert knowledge that’s hugely appreciated by the police and military markets.

“I’m not directing departments to the most expensive product with all the bells and whistles,” said Jackson. “After 20 years in SOF and law enforcement, I know the products and the firearms. I know that the needs are different for a sport shooter, a patrol officer, or a SWAT team member. And I understand that a lot of their needs are both mission and cost-based.”

One of the benefits of focusing solely on magazines is that Gun Mag Warehouse can offer competitive pricing. In fact, most of the Magpul PMAGs range from $9-$22.

“Police departments are under a lot of pressure — we don’t oversell them,” said Jackson.

Another factor that puts them ahead of competitors is their magazines are in stock and ready to ship.

“Big online or hunting catalog companies often don’t carry the right magazine or they do but it’s out of stock. We’re able to have everything ship usually within a day,” said Jackson.

“Clients also appreciate that when they call they’re speaking with someone who understands their needs versus speaking with someone at a call center who may not be able to answer your questions.”

The Miami-based company’s Facebook page alerts its fans of all the latest overstock sales and deals.

By 2015, the company hopes to have every gun magazine produced, in stock and ready to ship.

For more information, visit gunmagwarehouse.com.

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